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Key skills of new leaderships

The actual environment requires new leaderships, and that's why the leader profile has been reshaped. As a consequence of the transformation of the organizational context and the direction of the economy, the so-called C-Suite Level Skills change as the environment evolves. 

We are living in a time when technology, the environment and work-life balance, as examples of variables, are accelerating changes in leadership profiles. The new leaders are going to have to learn to coexist with all these new variables, so more than ever they will have to have skills that perhaps were not as essential before as they are now. 

> Curiosity and fast learning: the C-level must always be curious about what is new and have the ability to learn quickly about new technologies, ways of working and social current affairs. The leader must know how to instill in the team this culture of curiosity for what is new. The ability to learn and be curious will be essential to lead young talent, which is increasingly digital and connected.

> Being a dreamer: they say that what you dream and pursue with firmness and determination, comes true. The new leader must be able to make the rest of the team believe that the goals are real and achievable. 

> Make mistakes: it is more than proven that those who do not try do not succeed and that only those who dare to try can make mistakes. Today, unlike a few years ago, people who take risks and dare to make mistakes are valued.

> Emotional intelligence: the new leaders must be very human people, in close contact with their team and their collaborators. They will have to transmit confidence, empathy and security in a way that empowers their teams to take responsibility with security and autonomy.

> Data Driven: no one will argue that making decisions based on quality data has always been a key factor for the success of organizations. Today, there is little data left that cannot be recorded, measured or analyzed. And that is why today, more than ever, being data driven is vital and mandatory.



"A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the strength and energy to achieve it."  Ralph Nader.